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T-Sql, joins, aggregations, sub-selects, stored procedures, distributed execution
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ACID, distributed transaction, deadlock detection

Scale-up database is not an option?

Then scale-out with ScimoreDB, the SQL/T-SQL compatible distributed database for Windows, running on commodity hardware. ScimoreDB combines the best of relational and NoSQL databases. It's scalable, elastic, fault tolerant, ACID and SQL.

ScimoreDB is a complete database solution for Big Data and high thoughput ACID transations. It is ideal for web-scale, gaming, real-time analytics...

“ We have been pleased with ScimoreDB to offload more than 5 Billion rows from our main SQL Server database. ScimoreDB can handle it! And, we are comfortable with the compatibility level with SQL Server... ”
Daniel Hjortholt, Spamfighter, CTO

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New release with improvements in analysis of big data Monday, November 25, 2013

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