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ScimoreDB version 4.0 released

2011-10-25 - Scimore

After 2 years of development, ScimoreDB version 4.0 is now officially released! New features enhance distributed cluster management, scalability and programmability.

ScimoreDB version 4.0 adds new scalability capabilities to meet new standards by growing NewSQL market; it includes significant enhancements in cluster management scaling reads and writes of large active datasets, monitoring, and self-healing. Now, scaling ScimoreDB is a matter of simple SQL command. Use SQL, to add or remove nodes, while cluster continues to be operational.

The ScimoreDB 4.0 adds new feature: the ability to prioritize the queries. It helps to deal with the issues like - one query kills all. The database dynamically prioritizes queries, and, when query becomes too aggressive, the engine will decrease ("throttle") the priority, preventing to capitalize the database power for a single query.

Database interoperability features improved schema and data importing from SQL Server, and, ScimoreDB platform independent .net provider targeting .NET 2.0 or .NET 4.0 frameworks.

The ScimoreDB is ideal for developers who meet scalability issues, especially when scale-up legacy RDBMS is no longer an option.