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The new distributed version (beta) is on the way.

2010-09-24 - Marius Slyzius

We are now working on version 4.0 – focusing on the ScimoreDB Distributed.

The main goals is to make ScimoreDB

  • Build in fault tolerance, no more shared storage and clustering software required.
  • Continuously running, dynamically add/remove machines while staying online
  • Massive scalable (100+ machine clusters)
  • User controlled clustering topology, enabling designing clusters for extreme safety, high writes and/or high reads.

With the improvements we want to maintain our current:

  • ACID, to ensure the safety of your data.
  • SQL / T-SQL, to keep low learning entry barrier.
  • ADO.NET interface
  • Upgrade from embedded/server to distributed by simple backup/restore

We are very interested in feedback and are looking for people who will try the early stages.

Please send us an email at support@scimore.com and we will reply with the details.